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Curve MX6 produces an amazing image and video quality to capture all kinds of unpredictability. Featuring an amazing 12 Megapixel camera lens, Curve MX6 is the latest Full HD Digital Video Dashcam debut in car black box industry. Curve MX6 is a front facing video recorder with 140 degree wide angle lens that constantly captures video and audio while you are driving. MX6 has a very high produces an amazing video. Curve MX6 is designed to be installed in your vehicle within a short period of time. It can be installed in less than 2 minutes. A high quality bond sticky pad produced by 3M is used to hold the camera on your windscreen and MX6 has a wide angled lens to video the important moment in front of your car. Curve MX6 can be quickly removed from its mount and removed from the car for security. The embedded motion detection records and activate automatically when there is an object movement while you are away from the car or during the relevant incidents when driving. Curve MX6 also captures clear and high quality defined videos for owners who want to monitor their journey at night or under darkness. Like most of MX Series within Curve family, Curve MX6 has an built in with G-Sensor and that means it can detect activities of any impact and Curve MX6 will save the files and locked the files automatically hence the important file will not be overwritten when the your memory card is full. There are few dedicated button assigned to different security protection to make your driving journey more pleasant. There are 6 dedicated button on the panel which allow you to perform functions such as deactivate voice recording, file protection button when incurred an accident, off the LCD monitor for security purposes.


  • Recording resolution of 1920 x 1080 (30fps) in HD
  • 140 degrees wide angle lens
  • Embedded motion detection records and activates automatically when away from car
  • G-Sensor detects activities of any impact
  • Saves files and locks files automatically even when memory card is full


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