Optinvent ORA-1 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Developer Kit

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Targeting application developers and enterprise segments, the ORA-1 runs a standard version of Android (4.4 KitKat) and features a disruptive see-through retinal projection technology that is more robust, higher resolution, and power efficient than any competing technology on the market. Despite vastly superior hardware and functionality, the ORA-1 is the most affordable device on the market – A breakthrough that enables Android developers around the world to create the next disruptive hands-free, always-on, wearable computing applications. The ORA-1 runs standard Android apps -just like any standalone Android smartphone or tablet device. A front-facing 1080p 5 mega-pixel camera. A 9-axis motion sensor Wireless connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS). A trackpad (mouse and swipe) for tactile interactions with the device. A high capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery, and a powerful dual core microprocessor with enough memory to support complex applications.


  • Large See Through Display
  • High Brightness
  • Flip-Vu (dual viewing modes)
  • Augmented Reality Capable
  • Full trackpad


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