Yp-k2 Smart Sunglasses for Sports and Fitness Voice Control Dial Telephone Play


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Product parameters

Frequency: 2.4 GHZ

Transmission distance: 10 to 15 m

Telephone Time: 3-4 h

Music time: 3 to 4 h

Weight: 30 g

Charging voltage: 5 v

Charging time: 20-30 min


  • 1 Voice control:By voice control ,you can dial telephone, send message, listen to music, query information, etc
  • 2 Smart Touch:Using capacitive touch panel, touch the panel with your fingers gently, can complete answer and hang up or switch and suspended in music mode. In the process of using the k2,it makes the operation more intelligent, more convenient, more cool, more fashionable.
  • 3 BTcall:After connected to the mobile phone you can call already, also can listen to music, listen to the radio, listen to the voice navigation, etc .K2 using CSR4.0 bluetooth-enabled version,which is the most widely used version on the market at present and is also one of the most stable.
  • 4 Listening to music:High quality, stereo sound, feelings of wonderful music .K2 is equipped with a single and a double track, two options, to meet the needs of different occasions. In-ear earplugs with ergonomic design reduces the effect of stethoscope, wearing comfortable, 6 microns thin diaphragm, DSP audio processing, improve the voice resolution,make sure excellent sound quality.
  • 5 Against the strong light :Equipped with high quality polarized lenses, let your eyes from strong light interference Comfortable adjustment :When wearing the k2 glasses you can adjust bazoo holds, change lenses to get the best comfortable state .


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